Your Trusted Consultant


'Why would I need a property consultant for investing on a property, when there are so many estate agents out there?'


Buying or selling a property in the United Kingdom can be a very strenuous and stressfull experience particularly for foreign investors who are not familiar with the local market, they ignore the complexities of the UK legal and taxation system and most probably they do not have the time to make their own research or educate themselves about how to proceed with the right investment.


Being in the real estate business for more than 12 years, part of which included the provision of estate agency services, we have been repeatedly awarded prizes for our outstanding performance, having succesfully managed a portfolio of more than 3,000 properties and dealt with more than 1,200 clients. We are, therefore, in

a unique position to understand how estate agencies operate and how they differ from a property consultancy.


Estate agencies have significant limitations by their definition and scope of operation
  • They specialise in specific areas and can suggest you those properties which they have listed in their portfolio within their limited area of operation.

  • Even if the specific area the estate agents cover is not performing well, for instance if property capital appreciation has slowed down, or rental property demand is very weak, or rental yields are very low, there is nothing an estate agent can do about. They will still suggest you properties from their own portfolio, regardless of their past or expected poor performance.

  • Estate agents do not typically specialise in areas beyond their reach and therefore they cannot provide you guidance on which locations you can source better investment opportunities than in their region. So, you may end up buying a property for yourself or as a Buy-to-Let investment in an area where your return on investment will be very low, or you may even incur financial losses, because of high voids, or low affordability of tenants, or fall of house prices due to oversupply.

'So, what is the crucial missing part when using an estate agent?'

It is the comprehensive knowledge and the informed and objective advice on: What property to buy? Which area is the top-performing? When is the right timing? Why should I choose property A over B? How should I finance my investment? What will be the costs (expenses, taxes, fees, etc) on either choice I make and what will be the expected returns? What is the best rental strategy for me to maximise my returns on investment: HMOs, long-lets, short-lets, holiday rentals?

This is what King's Properties International does: Filling the gap between property viewings and making wise and profitable property investments. This is our mission: To be your trusted property consultant.


A Customised Experience

What is the added value that King's Properties International offer?


At King's Properties International, we go above and beyond the typical services offered, when buying or selling a property. Through our specialisation on Buy-to-Let investments, our continuous market research and our carefully selected business partners, we go the extra mile required to make the big difference between a "bad investment" and a "good investment".

We treat each customer as a unique case and therefore we examine very carefully their investment criteria, their priorities and preferences. We design together their property strategy, step-by-step. We set the milestones of this strategy and their return targets. We utilise our top-experts network of accountants, solicitors and financial advisors to verify the funding options available, the legal and financial costs entailed and potential planning or legal implications related to each property.


Our priority is to provide the right customised guidance to our clients so that they proceed smoothly to the right decision. In order to do that we select carefully the properties which fit the criteria of our client's investment strategy. We explain on each case the advantages and potential risks related to market trends, the property cycle stage and any imminent or underway changes -taxation, regulatory, economic, etc- that may affect our clients' property portfolio performance. 

To this end, we have access to the most reliable and savvy network of estate agents and property experts so that we select from the large pool of properties the ones that match our clients' profile and investment criteria. Quite often these properties are off-market, while on other occasions we bring to the attention of our investors, properties which may hide a siginificant return on investment potential, but are not easily appreciated by an inexperienced or foreign investor.


By the same token we are able to offer a complete hands-off and hassle-free experience to our customers in the sale or lease process of a property, its refurbishment and property management.

More importantly, we take special care in treating our clients in the most confidential and discreet way. Having worked with many high net worth individuals and institutional investors, our primary concern is that we appreciate the trust with which they embrace us, and cherish this confidential relationship at the highest level.